API Overview

API Overview page.

On this page you will find technical documentation on all our API definitions:

  • Track & Trace - Tracking the equipment and the transportation modes used for moving goods.
  • Booking process - Exchange information between shippers and carriers, as related to a booking.
  • Electronic Bill of Lading - Implements digital standards for a fully automated electronic Bill of Lading.
  • Operational Vessel Schedule - Provides complete vessel schedules transparency, increasing efficiency and enabling better planning and optimisation of container shipping activities. 
  • Commercial Schedules - Supports Commercial Schedules (CS) in the context of: point-to-point routings, port schedules, and vessel schedules.
  • Just-in-Time Port Call - Used for negotiating timestamps between vessel and port/terminal and other services providers.
  • Stats API - Serves as a tool for reporting the usage of a reference API so statistics can be created on adoption rate and success.

About all the APIs

It is essential to note that DCSA does not construct APIs for its members. Information on how to subscribe or use APIs is not available on this portal. Instead, we have curated a repository of resources to use, in order to facilitate your own API development. You will find in-depth technical documentation, designer guidelines, and code samples, all conform DCSA standards.