DCSA Commercial Schedules API

DCSA OpenAPI specification for Commercial Schedules

This API supports Commercial Schedules (CS) in the context of: point-to-point routings, port schedules, and vessel schedules.

  • Commercial schedules - point-to-point routings: provides the product offering of single or multiple estimated end-to-end route options for a shipment in the pre-booking phase. This includes point-to-point specification of all transport legs, estimated timings, estimated schedules and interdependencies between transport legs.
  • Commercial schedules – port schedules: provides, for a required specific port and starting date, the set of all vessels arriving and departing from the port with the corresponding estimated timestamps.
  • Commercial schedules – vessel schedules: provides, for a required specific service and/or voyage and/or vessel and/or location, the timetable of estimated departure and arrival times for each port call on the rotation of the vessel(s).