DCSA Track & Trace APIs


The objective of the DCSA Interface Standard for Track and Trace is to identify the equipment and the transportation modes used for moving goods, rather than tracking and tracing the goods themselves or the contents of the equipment used in fulfilling the shipment.

DCSA offers two Track and Trace API specification variants for specific situations to be used as an extension to the Trak and Trace specification:

  • IoT commercial - tracking and tracing of containers fitted with Internet of Things devices (including “smart containers”).
  • Reefer commercial - tracking and tracing of refrigerated containers.

Reference implementation

Reference implementation

The Track and Trace key entities are:
  • Shipment: Uniquely identifies the shipment that needs to be tracked and traced.
  • Equipment: Identifies the equipment(s) used to transport the goods belonging to the shipment.
  • Transport: Identifies which modes of transport (truck, rail, vessel, or barge) are involved in the shipment.
as well as their corresponding event entities:
  • Shipment events: Describe actions that occurred or have been planned to occur in relation to a booking or transport document, such as the booking confirmation.
  • Transport events: Describe the movements of the transport instances that are associated with the particular shipment or equipment item.
  • Equipment events: Describe the movements of an equipment item as part of the freight transportation. The previous sections in this document have outlined these elements. For tracking and tracing.

DCSA OpenAPI specification for Track and Trace

Manages and sends Shipment events, Transport events and Equipment events and subscriptions for Track & Trace (TNT).

DCSA OpenAPI specification for IoT

Manages and sends events related to containers equipped with IoT devices and subscriptions for IoT (extension to Track & Trace).)

DCSA OpenAPI specification for Reefer

Manages and sends refrigerated container (Reefer) eEvents and subscriptions for Reefer (extension to Track & Trace).