DCSA Booking Process APIs


The Booking API specification (DCSA_BKG) simplifies the exchange of information between shippers and carriers, as related to a booking. It focuses on the process steps “Booking Request” and “Booking confirmation” as part of the end-to-end documentation process.

The publication of booking standards is the second step in enabling the end-to-end digitalisation of container shipping documentation, after the publication of DCSA Bill of Lading standards.

Together, DCSA standards for the booking process and the electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) will enable frictionless sharing of digitised shipping data, eliminating the need to rekey booking information into the eBL. 

The Booking process 2.0 Beta 1 standard supports standard dry cargo, dangerous goods and reefer containers.

Reference implementation

Reference implementation

DCSA OpenAPI specification for Booking

The Booking API specification (DCSA_BKG) is used to create, update, get and/or cancel a booking.

DCSA OpenAPI specification for Booking Notifications

It is possible to have notifications pushed to you whenever the provider needs input and/or a state change. The format of the notification is defined by the Booking Notification API. Signing up for notifications is defined outside the scope of this API specification.