DCSA Operational Vessel Schedule APIs


Carriers can digitally publish their schedules, and their VSA (vessel sharing agreement) partners and other operational partners can retrieve updates as needed. This will provide complete vessel schedules transparency, increasing efficiency and enabling better planning and optimisation of container shipping activities. 

Reference implementation

Reference implementation

DCSA’s OVS standards cover the following aspects of vessel schedules for interregional, intraregional, and feeder services:  
  • Changes and exceptions (i.e., Port Omission, Blank Sailing, Inducement, Phase In/Out, etc.) 
  • Long Term Schedule & Regional/Coastal Schedule Deep-sea (interregional services) Intraregional & Feeder Services
  • Universal References
  • Universal Service Reference Universal Voyage Reference Universal Port Call Reference
The Universal Service, Voyage, and Port Call References provide a way for carriers to standardise how they refer to services using a common naming convention that follows a set pattern. 

DCSA OpenAPI specification for Operational Vessel Schedules

Manages Operational Vessel Schedule events and OVS subscriptions.